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A New Lube Solution
The rainbow variety pack lets you try all 4 sensations in mojumojo’s premium line of pH 5.5 balanced lubricants. mojumojo mimics the body's natural wetness and enhances pleasure during intimacy. Our premium line of water-based lubricant is non-staining and comes off easily. There are no added fragrances, is tasteless as well as odorless. The plant based hyaluronic composite helps to lock in moisture to ensure endless long lasting pleasure!

Each rainbow variety pack comes with a pack of each sensations, Aqua, Soothe, Wild and our personal favorite Ecstacy!
mojumojo Water-Based Lubricant
(Travel Packs)
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InvisiLube Lubricant Capsule is an invigorating personal lubricant, enhancing your sexual experience. Designed with you in mind, this silicone-based personal lubricant can be applied ahead of time for uninterrupted intimacy. Unique non-greasy, long lasting formula that is easy to clean and will not stain. It comes in an easy to apply mini capsule form, delivering lubricants where it is needed ensuring a silky smooth, warm welcome every time! Safe to use with condoms and in aquatic situations.

Each package contains 10 lubricating capsules, but can be individually separated for travel. No more embarrassing mishaps, perfect for a night out or a getaway vacation!
mojumojo InvisiLube Silicone Based
Lubricant Capsule
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Love is Love & Lube is Lube
mojumojo is about fun, safe, consensual and rewarding pleasure. Our vision is to be at the forefront of helping ALL people celebrate breakthroughs in LOVE and LIFE.

Our premium line of pH 5.5 balanced lubricants mimics the body's natural wetness and enhances pleasure during intimacy.

mojumojo’s premium line of lubricants was developed from the ground up. Our team of doctors use the purest fundamental elements as a result of years of research and development.

mojumojo uses only the finest natural ingredients that blend seamlessly into your most intimate moments. Our human-centric vision aims for satisfaction through constant innovation.
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